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We’re always working on improving our app and making sure our users have the best experience possible. If you run into any issues while using FireWall or have a suggestion for improvement, don’t hesitate to send us a message! :)
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The rule is not activated.

By default, when you successfully create a rule, it is activated. (only the first created rule is auto activated). Please click on the toggle button to activate it.

Loading time

Our server is placed in US, therefore, there might be a delay in loading time for users who are far from US.

You set some running configuration

The rule might not run because you have set some configurations that stop the rule in some specific cases, such as: block only page, block only desktop/mobile, country filter, source filter, schedule run.
Please re-check the rule configuration to see whether there are some limit options enabled.

You have multiple rules on the same page

You can have multiple rules on the same page and they can conflict with each other.
However, if there are more than one rule which is set to appear on the same page, only the first created rule will run.

You use more than one app to create a rule

There might have a conflict between apps with the same function.
So if you are using different apps to create rules, we recommend using only one at a time.


If you have checked all the above causes and tried all solutions, but FireWall is still not run on your store; you can reach out to our support team at We will answer your ticket as soon as possible.

FireWall can be easily installed via Shopify App Market.
* Go to our app’s link:
* Click “Add app” button (you might be asked to login if you have not logged in to your Shopify account yet)
* You’ll be directed to your store > Click “Install app” button.
* Done.

After successfully installing FireWall, it will appear in your app list in Shopify admin.

No coding require.
FireWall App use Shopify ScriptTag to integrate the JavaScript into your storefront. The app does not create or edit any liquid or script in your store. After Uninstalling the app, ScriptTag turning off the app and remove from your storefront.
If you do not need any more all images which you uploaded into the app, then you can find and delete the images from assets folder which names start from 'frwl_'.
The App store all your uploaded images into your store theme assets folder. This means, when you changing your store theme you will need to upload the images again.
NOTE: Please don't delete the images from assets folder which names start from frwl_ while using our app.
Yes you can.
Change background image, colors, texts, fonts, contact information etc.
You have 2 ways to access to FireWall anytime:

1. Via your Shopify Admin

* Login to your Shopify admin dashboard (

* Click on Apps (

* Click on FireWall

* You’ll be navigated to the FireWall's Dashboard without having to login.

2. Via our Portal:

* FireWall locates in the external link:

* To access to our app, you can go to the link above directly.

* If you have not logged in to your Shopify account, you will be redirected to Shopify to login. After logging in you will be redirected to the FireWall Dashboard

* If you have logged in to your Shopify account, you will be directed to the FireWall's Dashboard.

Good question! Remove FireWall from your app list on Shopify Admin panel any time before the 7 days are up to avoid starting a monthly subscription.